7 Tips To Help You Build Muscles Rapidly And Effectively

So often we come across people who spend many years trying to achieve that toned look and gain more muscles. However, they just can’t seem to get their act together. And then we have the other group who look at themselves in the mirror clad in a swimsuit, and the realization dawns upon them that they would love to fill out the muscles and get a more toned look. The problem in this case, though, is that they are unaware of where to start.

Whether you wish to get a more bulked up look, enhance your chest, gain better curvaceous calves, or simply build up any other muscle of your body, here we take a look at some of the most effective muscle building tips submitted by professional health and fitness experts from around the world.

• Keep yourself fuelled up: Before having a meal, read the food labels to get an idea of your daily calorie consumption. Add 500 to that calculated figure and start consuming an equivalent amount of calories regularly. You should aim to consume around a gram of protein for every pound of your body weight on a day-to-day basis.

• Limit the cardio sessions: Limit yourself to a couple of days of jogging on the treadmill and keep it down to sessions of not more than thirty minutes. If you want to keep your muscles but burn fat, performing sprint intervals are a better option where you sprint for a minute before backing down to a light jog for another two. Repeat this three-minute cycle for thirty minutes and thrice a week.

• Don’t overdo anything: 20 sets of exercise for every muscle group is what you should limit yourself to; it would be better if you could keep it down to around 12. Six to 12 reps per set will give you maximum muscle growth with the workouts not lasting more than 45 minutes. A typical set should be around 40-70 seconds and anything less is an indication that your muscles are not being tensed long enough to shock them into attaining sufficient growth.

• Either have a split routine or implement full body workouts: Either concentrate on individual parts of your body session-by-session or subject your body to an overall workout in one go. Both have their own advantage but combined, they are far better than an isolated workout for a specific muscle group.

• Do the stretches: Going for massages, making use of foam roller, or any form of stretching- whether you get into and hold a stretched position, or change in and out of it with fluid moves- will allow your body to stay flexible. It will also help in preventing unwanted injuries while also aiding a speedy recovery in between the workout sessions.

• Have a regular diet: While working towards muscle building, do not neglect your diet. Five to six small meals everyday should be a part of your diet plan. As long as you have a supply of good-quality fuel for your body- especially the carbs and proteins- you will have the necessary calorie count to promote muscle growth and boost metabolism to speed up fat loss.

• Allow time for recovery: Seven to eight hours of sleep every night is the ideal time for your body to recover from fatigue. If you lose out on a night or two in a week, ensure that you make up for it at some time during the day. Limit your training sessions to around four per week. As far as your job is concerned, try avoiding excess stress as far as possible for chronic nervousness is one of the key producers of cortisol, a hormone that burns muscles while encouraging the body to store fat.

So that brings us to an end of our list on the best muscle building tips from around the world. While this is by no means a complete list of advice- there are so many tips that you can write a novel out of them all- they are effective by all means. Follow this list of suggestions from professional health experts and body builders from around the world and watch those biceps take shape in next to no time!