About Us

Nature In Abundance is an online information blog in the wellness niche, educating and offering advice on all areas concerning nutrition in order to promote optimal health. Our target audience is very extensive as information on proper nutrition is invaluable to all persons across different age brackets and any apparent social standing.

The information on our blog is a yield of extensive and thorough research and the content is updated on a regular basis to ensure that our visitors receive information that is up-to-date at all times. The information contained therein is accurate and backed with scientific research and tests on the importance of nutrients found in herbs and other products. We also recommend different diet plans for different individuals based on a myriad of factors among them age, gender and body type. Every diet is thoroughly vetted and researched on before due recommendation.

Apart from advise on the conventional and fundamental parameters such as water, protein, vitamins, carbohydrates that are used to determine the quality and benefits of food, our research delves into providing insight on the exact nutritional value as well as safety profiles for the food constituents. It is against this backdrop that visitors to our web page learn on foods that are healthy and boost good health and general wellness. This knowledge base also extends to foods that pose risks and are detrimental to the body’s physical and mental health by, for instance, increasing susceptibility to heart and liver conditions and other illnesses that may be avoided by proper nutrition.

It is our primary objective to ensure that our visitors receive helpful information and advice on the best nutrition practices for optimal health and a long life.