Super Foods You Should Consume Regularly

Healthy eating is all about eating foods that provides you with the most and best of nutrients that are of most use in regard to your health. Super foods are greatly recommended when it comes to healthy eating. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and proteins should be a must have in your diet.


This plant contains plenty of omega 3s and foliate that are popularly known to significantly reduce the risks of getting strokes and heart diseases. The presence of lutein in spinach ensures that your sex drive is well taken care of.


This food has been in existence for over 2000 years now and has numerous health benefits. The fact that it’s rich in calcium makes it a good bone builder and a good immune system booster. It reduces bowel diseases, vaginal and urinary tract infections, removes harmful bacteria from your gut, risks of getting ulcers and cancer too.


Always go for the red ones to ensure that you get the best out the antioxidant iycopene. Iycopene lowers the risks of coronary artery diseases, skin, lung, bladder and stomach cancers. Take a glass of tomato juice or eat 8 red tomatoes on a daily basis.

Blue berries

These are rich in antioxidants which help to reduce risks of getting cancer, memory loss and old age blindness. They also contain epocatechins which helps to keep bacteria away from the walls of your bladder hence preventing urinary tract infections.


They are one of the foods that are rich in vitamin A. This vegetable besides boosting the eye and skin health, it also plays a vital role in cancer fighting. It also strengthens your immune system.


Have plenty of vitamin D and omega 3 fats that are good for regulating your moods In addition to keeping your heart healthy. They have less toxins than bigger fish.


Is said to be an anti fungal, antibacterial and antiviral food. It has sulfur which has many cardiovascular benefits in addition to reducing the chances of getting prostrate cancer.

Olive oil

Olive oil is very rich in healthy fats. It also prevents cholesterol build up in arteries due the phenols it contains in large quantities.


The fact that broccoli contains sulfur is reason enough to make it a strong cancer fighter. It has enzymes that destroy compounds that are capable of causing lung, breast, stomach and colon cancers.


They contain a soluble fibre that lowers cholesterol and blood pressure levels. They are also able to reduce the risks of getting a heart attack.


This is a spice highly recommended for people living with diabetes. This is due to its’ special ability to regulate the levels of sugar in the blood. Cinnamon also helps to keep blood clots at bay and is famous for its’ antibacterial and anti-inflammatory unique properties.


This has been ranked a top ant- oxidant food world-wide. Besides being a heart friendly food, they also have fibres that are responsible for eliminating cholesterol so that it doesn’t stick on the walls of your arteries.

With all these healthy foods in mind, don’t forget to always take plenty of water.